entertainment gold as usual. torey keeps the variety alive//more than just bikes. these witchtapes are fucking sick, i dig his perspective on the fixed shit. always good tunes in these too. WRAHW holds down fixed like no one else can. must see TTv.

chris clappe: mid-west roadtrip

heres yet another original perspective on MWM2. ive been digging these//all have been different for the most part so far. chris hits up some killer spots, hangs with some different people, and gives us a look at mwm from his perspective. not to mention///its been waaaaay too long since we've seen some chris clappe footage.


these SKYLMT flicks are instant classics//here's the latest from marco. one line, classic skate spot, so fucking sick. must see TTv.


mickey marshall kills shit. 1:09 is sick. tons of big shit in here.

skate shiTT

some newish old john cardiel shit//if you dont follow skate shit, you probably missed this one. cardiel goes hard, and im feeling the kalonji track. figured since he's become such a name in fixed itd be about time to drop one of his skate flicks.

andrew voegeli: winter/spring

voegeli is one of my favorite fixed shredders for sure. he goes after some big shit, has killer style on the bike, and always puts it down in his edits. fucking psyched to see some TT-shirt being repped in there. kink rail at 0:58 is insane. voegeli is holding it down in the south like a fuckin boss.

SNDTRCK: may edit

here's the latest from SNDTRCK//definitely some good riding in here. these guys stay at it with the web edits.

bike check: 700's

 @WOLFDRAWN posted up some pics of his new build//the paint job is nuts.

someone called BROOKLYNNY posted this clean charmer 700 build on trick track. digging that colorway. 

CHINOIS dropped this one on trick track//not everyday you see a dual 700 unknown build.

click the links for more pics and details.

quick clip: sfg

seems like SFG has been laying low for a while now///that doesnt mean they havent been filming... looks like they got some shit in the works.

quick clip

dont forget the flatground