welcome to mwm

i dont know if i missed this or if it just dropped//vimeo says 9 days ago. either way, this shit is rad. some street shit, pre-comp mwm2. dig the black and white, and the coverage is killer. dont miss it.

bike check: josh boothby

quick clip: forest parker kone killa

this shit is sick. one of the raddest quick clips i think ive posted. super sick editing skills. if youve read this far without clicking it///you fuckin up. edit coming soon showcasing the ldg hammer frame and tank fork. check em out HERE.

bike check: fgg - laurent pili's new bikeren

this is a super clean video bike check from FIXED GEAR GENEVA (head over for the bike check post). good looking build, i dig those bars. also check out ONE GEAR for even more on this bike. digging this video bike check deal, quick and simple without getting too carried away describing everything.

quick clip: front yard shred

quick clip from some new names///more people than ever riding fixed these days. psyched to see this shit stretch out.

osaka funny: spring 2011

i caught this one on PROLLY earlier today. good shit from funny, he's got smoothe style, pegless grinds wired, and 3's like nothing. killer to see some riding from this guy.


THUNDERKILL dropped some new shit in the store//head over and snag some NOW. those AMERICAN INVERSION SHIRTS are sick.


get your WRAHW x HOLDFAST on//wrahw recently restocked, heres what torey had to say;

"We restocked on the WRAHW HF FRS. These new ones are a more sickly accurate green, and the HF tags are now hidden on the underside of the strap which looks way more minimal...
...We have a new Witchtape dropping tonight or tomorrow, so look out for that one too."

fucking psyched//cant wait for that witchtape, those shits are the best. in the meantime, go snag a set of WRAHW STRAPS.

for the lulz

 i got a good laugh at of this... more fixed coverage on THECOMEUP. and as expected those kings of all bikedom who ride bmx still talk shit///that might be funnier than any of this. get over it.

here's the edit one more time if you didnt catch it yesterday//happy birthday dew, you made it on thecomeup haha.

tom and tony's texas cookout

PROLLY just dropped this//CHAD TREANOR put the shit together. its killer to see tom, tony, PROLLY, and aj ride. a couple tricks in there that i didnt know john had in him, so sick. 2:29 is fucking epic. looks like good times in texas, but wheres the guns??? haha. PROLLY keeping us entertained//tom, tony, and PROLLY have been holding down fixed freestyle longer than anyone.

skate shiTT: neckface

i figured since i dropped that kidult shit id keep it going with some neckface. this ones some funny shit, not much skate//much entertainment.

off TTopic

caught this one via @seanMcoats likes on vimeo///shit is killer, had to repost.


@xxCONGOxx put me on to this flick//fucking killer.

tony khensouvan quickie

heres a quick one form tony k///he's been staying after it lately. getting some shit dialed on his bike and getting familiar with that park. holding it down hard for long beach.

off TTopic: ~@brad show

this is still kind of on TTopic///~@brad getting at some sidehack street shit. brad, you are fucking nuts man. should be interesting to see what comes of this. hop a 10+ with a rider hahaha.

quick clip: kendall cooper

kendall with a quick one. diego filmed and edited this//thanks for sending it through.