bike check: swoo's production dual 26 BB17 charmer

i know this is a few days old, but swoo dropped pics/a bike check of his production BB17 charmer. shit look sick. clean colorway. head over to CONSTANT REVOLUTION for way more pics/details.

byclipse: store renewal opening party

check it if ur in the area. byclipse is good shit//support local/real fixed shops. june 12.

xlife scorpio v2 26

quick/tech edit from xlife. that new scorpio frame is looking comfortable and cing-wei ye is getting some tech tricks dialed on it. so much good shit to post today.


way fucking psyched to be included in this edit. ronnie brought some real good shit to the table here. by far his best yet. super clean riding, lots of creative shit, some tech, creative spots, killer tunes///ronnie is killing shit. keep in mind he put this together on a fractured hand/thats some dedication. fucking psyched as fuck on this fucking fucker. watch this shit now/MUST SEE TTv.

head over and check their shit out:

vigor studio

flatground shred out front the shop. this is a quick one//firing off some speedy flatground combos. sick.

dew birthday edit

theres definitely some holy shit in this flick. dew can bar in and out of almost anything. this one definitely takes fixed freestyle on a next level mission. if you dont say "holy shit" every 10 seconds while watching this///you blink too much. theres some heavy hammers in here. do not miss this flick//must see TTv//fucking killing it.

skate shiTT


that new ofwgta shit

big wheel bmx

super good squish fork big bike shit from kent woods//lamacycles.



some new fixed shit from sofus francisco. clean filming, solid edit, good riding.

sixfiveleven session

this park looks super mellow///fun to ride. mostly fixed with some bmx in the mix.

froots: 2011/06/05 seiryu jam

froots posse trick comp. bmx and fixed, some good shit went down.

eat shiTT

this ones classic//monday sucks//eat shiTT