1,2,3,4,5,6 YUKUSUMOTO EDIT.




torey hit me up earlier today with some killer news//he is officially riding for BB17 and from the sound of things theres some good stuff in the works. im super psyched on this and cant wait to see how it pans out. im a big fan of both TOREY and BB17, one of the sickest bikes on the market X one of the most innovative heads in fixed freestyle... so fucking psyched on this shit///get psyched, who knows whats next. 


big wheel bmx

killer flatground//making the best of a rainy day with some under the bridge shreddage. it doesnt have to be non-stop hammers to be a good time//make for some entertaining webflick. some bmx/big bike in this one.


pretty solid quick one here///couple quick lines from hakim. this is his first edit and he is coming in hot for a first edit. 

rory mcdermott

heres some new shit from mike chacon and rory mcdermott... theres definitely some chcon/mcdermott style overlap with that back wheel spin trickery. solid edit.

geometrick full interview

here's the follow up to that teaser last week. full interview from geometrick///they been doin this for a while. solid posse.

ryd mwm2

one more perspective on mwm2 from the ryd guys.