fixed off road with hulda crooks

pretty intense off road on what look to be slicks... choppin down some trails and hitting some little jumps///some follow cam mixed with some setup shots. looks like a good time.


some new shit from bailey anders and pissedead (im a fan of that pissedead shit). check it out.

off TTopic: NECKFACE//isiah secret: born under a bad sign

i dont know much about this... but i caught this trailer on vimeo//check it out. looks like theres a "neckface movie" coming our way.

SHMOB saTTurdays: decals

I'm stoked to announce that SHMOB decals are officially a reality. I worked with DESTROY's custom decal source, Tyler. He's an awesome dude who took my simple SHMOB decal concept and turned it into what you see above. I'll be flowing these to as many people as possible, though the intitial print is going to be somewhat limited//Hit me up if you're intereted SHMOBfixed@gmail.com

Thanks again Tyler....and Sean for giving me the oppurtunity to work with him.

Check out http://vinylcultr.bigcartel.com/