rooTTs: friday night///

here's one for friday night//LOL

skate shiTT: biggest ollie ever

i retwitted this shit a couple days ago from thrasher///fuckin stupid that i havent posted the video yet. this is massive.


@WOLFDRAWN just dropped this shit on vimeo///super sick specialfx psychedelia for the MWM2 video premiere. came out real good, always entertaining, always killing it... #HUYAMOUF

quick clip: rapture edit

caught this one over at BHSK///some killer flatground

rooTTs: quick clips//kareem williams

this guy has killer style//goes big

fukuoka night session ft. marco

looks like fukuoka has a shitload of good street spots, and fish&chips is holing it down. this edit is melow, get wild in the streets, posse up, cruising through the city at night is always a good time. some rad tricks go down, psyched on that barhop at 1:10. snagged this over at FISH & CHIPS

bike check: gusse dol BB17 26er

caught this over at GEOMETRICK///fucking sick BB17 build. those dmr supermoto tires are the shit. CLICK THROUGH for full build kit and more photos. 

sammy burro for dynt

some clever shit from DYNT///clean production.

bike check: red cycles custom

peter at RED CYCLES hit me up with this bike check///i dig getting content emailed my way, and i was psyched on this shit. not everyday you see a chick who shreds some fixed freestyle shit//not often do you see custom fixed freestyle frames... this build is clean and the frame is hand built custom. head over to RED CYCLES for the full bike check and more detailed photos.

bumsteads at 31skate training in redlands

just got this emailed at me from the BUMSTEADS posse//this park looks mellow.  some good shit in this flick, check the nollie bar at 0:58, thats some tech, some street in there/digging that curved brick ride, and some fucking killer dirt jump shit goes down.big shout to everyone at the shop for holding it down. if you live out near ontario, hit em up, cruise by the shop//i called these guys about a month ago looking for something and got some super good service, much respect for that//grass roots, rider run, well stocked shop... check em out.