skate shiTT

ive posted a couple other stay gold b-sides///reynolds is a skate "legend" at this point. i hate that word, but he's one of those big names forever. pretty killer b-side.


alex liiv section from el dvd. this is old as fuck, but i cant believe how massive some of this is. still unreal.

jamil gray june 2011

jamil has so much fucking style. killing it as usual, seems like its been too long since we last saw an edit from him. this ones short, but fucking killer, lots of good shit in here///looking comfortable on that unknown. must see TTv.

here we go

here's another one from JIL (posted one yesterday). missed this one a while back, posse up and shred.

loose nuts big money hustlaz trailer

holy shit this is going to be fucking nuts. cant wait for this to drop, you know kareem always brings some super entertaining shit and the fucking best in fixed freestyle. shit is going to be so sick//so much fucking awesome footage in this trailer. fucking killing it.
head over to the LOOSE NUTS big cartel and preorder now.

resurrected grime frame

heres another snag from TRICKTRACK///a resurrected grime frame. you can see the paint is gone on that left chainstay. i dont know the story, but thats pretty sick if grime repairs busted frames.

vimeo hunting

this is an older one that i ran across on vimeo///says its a year old. some solid (seemingly chacon inspired) riding. lots of roll outs and "blog spins" (anyone remember that one?). head over to the AMERICAN ICON WHEEL CO vimeo page. they cover skate shit too.

bike check

i cant decide what frame this is... but the build is real clean, super psyched on this colorway right now. seen on TRICK TRACK, hopefully charliieeee will hit us up with more details.

fixed gear lucerne

some mellow trick shit from lucerne. check that first build, super clean gorilla on 26's.

bike check: marino custom

here's another killer marino custom. so many good marino bikes have popped up, this one is a super clean build///solid part kit, clean colorway, good looking geo, still lots of barspin clearance with 175's. caught this on TRICK TRACK, get at TFF-BC on trick track for more details, or head over to MARINO BIKES.