sorry, the doctor couldnt save em

antimo sent this through (thanks man)... some new shit from dr fast. lol intro and some classic tony style. tons of park footage, he's no stranger to transition. so rad to see tony still getting at it, hes been holding this shit down since day one.


this edit is the shit//if you only catch one today make sure this is it. event gets real diluted by the time two or three of em drop, but this flick covers it from the otherside, the trip there and the mayhem on the streets. way too much good shit in here to even call out; stand up wheelies, ~@brad everywhere, killer fucking street spots, running trains through parks, TTv shoutouts, the blog battle in the front seat lol (*see below), fireworks, fucking everything. this is by far the best BBG CHRONICLES to date, and a super sick look at MWMII. thanks for the personal shoutout at the end, so psyched on that.


super solid edit from 209cogs//huge progression going on with these guys//and a sick paint job on alex's frame red to raw fade. dont miss the skid off the steps at 1:51, that shit is epic/havent seen one of those since wolfdrawn dropped one way back.  all these guys are getting super comfortable on their bikes, and this edit definitely brings entertainment, some lol shit in there.

off TTopic?

kind of off TTopic///but theres skate and fixed shit in here. i dig the way 8mm looks. if ur looking for heavy skate shit or super tech fixed tricks, dont click//otherwise, just check the 8mm shit.

midsummer nights jam

some skate shit mixed with some fixed shit, one of em is pushing a dj setup with fixed drive//white walls are sick. ...and i have no idea whats going on with the costumes in this one hahaha, but these truthless guys are getting better and staying after it.

quick clip: day and night

this one was emailed to me by harsul///a quick flick of jaka getting after some tech tricks. super sick to see this kind of progression going on everywhere.


some old shit from banned for thecomeup... lol at the vimeo description;
"Rickey Bates hit me up today and asked me if I wanted a new Banned edit as a TCU exclusive. I said sure. He warned me that it was pretty sketchy. I said that it didn't matter because everything those dudes do is usually awesome. It is just as sketchy as I figured it would be, but it also has a dude nose bonking a passed out bum. Take it."

eat shiTT

so fucking heavy

stoked on fixed bikes 3

i know i always drop this shit late///fuck it, if you havent seen the latest SOFB, here it is, give it a flip through. always good photo, and free online mag is a rad concept.

skate shiTT

greco is nuts

skylmt: nasty

here's the latest from skylmt///one liner from nasty. i didnt suspect a nasty flick would be the second drop from these guys, but this shit is fire. one of the best lines ive seen in a while. nasty always kills shit. 

slumworm: MWM2

this is my favorite MWM2 edit so far... some killer angles in this one. matt captured a bunch of lines/tricks that i havent seen anywhere else///and a some killer angles that no one else got. so sick. must see TTv. everyone was killing it. hit up SLUMWORM for more coverage.


a quick one from shiloh w/ some "keo spins"