ed wonka's the dog

wonka got out there and snagged some clips with some people while he was out in ca///shit makes for a real good edit. here's the vimeo caption;
Filmed, Edited and Produced by Ed Wonka Laforte; "The Dog" is an extreme experience through time and space through the eyes of a candy man.

must see TTv


this is a two parter haha//(1) i didnt even realize AXION still existed (2)this guy kills shit, check that ender. wtf.

people reppin TT

a shitload of you were repping TT at MWM2///so fucking psyched on that shit. spotted a few in the comp flicks too. fucking epic shit. big thanks goes out to everyone wearing these shirts/repping this TT, holding it down for TTvBLOG.

MWM2 (FIENDSxprollyisnotprobably)

this is the latest MWM2 edit to drop from ronnie. super psyched on this one, great clips, ronnie always brings good shit.


caught this one on THECOMEUP some creative shit mixed with some gnarly shit. killer edit.

skate shiTT

ran across some skate shit from MKE. ive seen some comments about how mke has some killer street spots///these dont come close to some of the shit ive seen in recent updates from the fixed posse out there, but it thought id rep some mke skate shit.

nucult: trick comp trailer

some funny shit from nucult. looks like they got a trick comp coming up pretty soon. tons of trick comp shit these days. nice trailer tho, definitely worth a watch.

jball: almost summer

jball posse'd up for this one... lots of local names in this flick. some big shit goes down. pretty killer to see the group effort, lots of stacked footage here. psyched to see more of this in the future.