MWM2: street spots//out riding

so many sick clips in here... this is a quick clip gold mine. WATCH THEM ALL. fucking epic, highlights from todays mission out on the streets. so sick//thanks to everyone who snagged a clip today. must see TTv.

MWM2 LIVE: antics from last night (re-upped)

huyamouf midwest mayhem 2 baby. holy fuck///so glad congo re-upped this shit, check the butt darts "picking up where jackass ledt off" hahahaha. and one big GROUP HUYAMOUF. some good shit in this update, fucking amped for the upcoming fireworks.

MWM2 LIVE: on the road

real shit from the road///bringin some housewarming gifts TK style//late night driving///brad keeps a drive alive.

MWM2 LIVE: more antics//fireworks

these lucky fuckers just stacked up some fireworks//get ready for some madness. lol at that second one, brad is a fucking character.

diego's scrap clips

diego stays on his edit game///keeps shit coming. some throwaway from his footage stack. he's repping KNICE CLOTHING and JAIRO'S BIKE SHOP//head over and check their shit out.

bike check: jotta's bb17 charmer 26

this build looks pretty sick//jott's bb17 charmer 26. i dig these things, ive seen way too many clean builds/want one haha. head over to the BB17 BLOG and check the full build specs.


the hisTTory channel: midwest mayhem 1

here's a couple quick clips from last years... these were two of the standout tricks that i still remember without even having to look them up. shit better get fucking nuts this year//way more people, way more energy, you know everyone is going to be killing shit, im fucking pumped to see what goes down in the main event.

the hisTTory channel: midwest mayhem 1

its pretty killer to look back on this shit and compare it where we are currently... the bike setups have come a long way since these days, and the tricks even further. take a look back; here's the RVA fixed persepctive on the event, kinda long but i remember this edit being pretty solid. more to come.

skate shiTT

psyched on tiltmode///if you never saw the early flicks from these guys #youfuckinup.


some new banned shit just dropped///i dont hesitate to post these. always entertaining, always solid riding.

MWM2 LIVE: more outtakes

since some cunt busted in and deleted all of the youtube content (learn to self regulate), here we go again building from the ground up.the first one was the only remaining video on the account, and the second; i got this email this morning from the WRAHW fam lol. keep this shit going. there's a new password if you want in... hit me up.


SOMEONE DELETED ALL OF THE EXISTING CLIPS. THAT SHIT IS FUCKED. i just gunna hope that shit was an accident. i thought something like this might happen///but theres no way to prepare. fuck it///lets keep this going.