tony k for savage

mellow vibes from tony k and savage///seems like they really stepping their game up these days. im a big fan of what they got going, amped for updates and the future of this brand. head over to  and buy some shit//keep grassroots shit going.

mwm2 live

lol//mwm2 is going to be the shit. hahahahahaha. more and more heads are showing up, everyone there is getting fucking amped, the park looks way sick, the live coverage keeps getting better. MWM2 is going to be the fucking shit. im super psyched on the participation from everyone and amped to be able to deliver this to TTv readers//stay tuned. 

mwm2 live: ouTTakes

WILL WORK FOR THUNDERKILL///here's to keeping the variety in this shit. more huyamouf in this update//antonyo almost slam//gus puttin his game face on. big shout to everyone keeping us entertained.

mwm2 live: park footage//epic update

epic fucking update on this one. tons of footage from mke//some big shit is already going down//lots of people are starting to show up. looks like matt is throwing down out there on someone else's bike. everyone is getting amped to kill shit.

mwm2 live - sour j

some skate park shit//a quick clip from sour j blasting one. this park looks rad with all the trees around it. seems like a mellow spot to spend a day.


tukasa twitted this shit at me//fucking psyched on that//thanks for the link man. another solid edit from the FROOTS CREW  theyve been holding it down in fukuoka for a while now. lots of cruising, flatground, solid style, i dig that kind of shit. that build looks soo good. charmers are legit as fuck.

MWM2: part7//morning coffee//lol

motherfuckers finally gave me my morning coffee hahaha


the ender is so fucking huge.

quick clip: rooTTs//big wheel bmx

some bmx and some big bike shit showing us that it doesnt matter whats in front of you///ride shit.


this one comes from badrulezwan on vimeo. putting in work///obviously some dedication and effort went into this shit. not bad for a first edit.

mwm2: part6///prolly stranded

i dont know if everyone caught this over at PROLLY// but some bullshit weather and fucked up flight schedules have left prolly stranded with no way to get to MWM2 until saturday PM (missing the comp altogether). i feel for this situation, im even bummed he wont be there snagging the signature prolly only coverage. so i hit him up to join us in THIETH's VICARIOUS LIVING PROJECT, and he offered to snag some footage. here's how we find him. super fucking bummer, but the fact that he participated is epic///THANKS A SHITLOAD PROLLY.

mwm2: part5//THUNDERKILL checking in

this shit is SICK. TK leader charles just checked in with a look inside THUNDERKILL headquarters before he takes off for #MWM2. this shit is going to be sick.


musgrave has been stacking footage for a solid edit. this is for sure his best shit to date. some solid lines in here, big gaps, epic spots, long slider for the ender. next level shit for sure, his style is getting smoother and tricks more dialed. must see TTv.

skate shit: four seasons skate park

im going to do what i can to bring some MWM2 hype for the next couple days, alongside some youtube live shit. here are a couple of "less than recent" skate flicks from fourseasons skate park. id imagine the setup is a bit different these days, but youll get a feel for the park this way.