mwm2: part4//huyamouf

shit just wouldnt be good without at least one of these//lol///hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg with the after ride footage--rumor has it some of our "event-goers" have fireworks this year. fucking psyched on that shit. HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone who has participated so far and to those who plan to participate in the next few days.... this shit is so sick.

mwm2: part3//park footage

the next set of clips was some quick clip gold from these fuckers. shit is so sick. dont hesitate to click any of these. looks like its anyones guess at this point as to who takes it this year. fucking psyched for more.

mwm2: part2//test footage and shit

the rest of the day was basically test footage from "anonymous participants" ...followed up by some ~@gold with that second video.

mwm2: part1//so based//we made it

part one follows a couple people you dont know know on their travel. lol at that last video, i fucking shit myself laughing i heard that ender.

imporTTant message from THIETH #2

if you have audio probelms///watch the second one//this shit is not high tech

eighthinch for mwm2

eighthinch dropped this quick flick for mwm2 showcasing the riders that will be repping their shit at mwmII. get psyched for this shit. i cant wait.


DESTROY's web store is officially up and running. they also dropped this t-shirt on us. its fucking sick//digging the white on black color scheme and the dark graphic style///epic. head over, check the DESTROY STORE, and pick one up.

fgg: laurent pili

here's one i skipped past about a week ago. (#blowingit) some nice shots in here. mix of some old school and some new shit. laurent hasnt lost sight of the killerness of wheelies.

packy golan for palms cycle

packy gets better/more consistent/smoother with each edit. dont miss this shit. he's been holding it down for a while now. his grinds, hops, gaps are getting bigger//not one indian giver in this flick either haha. watch out for packy///he's looking more comfortable than ever on his bike. psyched as fuck to have him reppin some THIETH shit.


bone deth keeps these sections from surfin for the ugly broads coming. liv fucks shit up for sure. rides fast, goes huge///that first clip is some heavy shit.

skate shiTT

this ones kind of long///but these b-sides are sick, and this kid definitely throws down. cant wait for the barrier kult b-side haha.

deviation may 2011

deviation brings us fixed with a bmx background. he's getting better with each flick.