bbg chronicles: episode 7

this one is my favorite so far. mellow "vibes" in this one, lol intro, sick mini bike shreddage, some killer slams. BBGKCMO fucks shit up. this is probably the longest running fixed series with few exceptions, and they definitely progressing with every new flick. must see TTv. keep this shit going, head over and comment on this flick//repost//retweet//this shit is fucking sick//and theyre holding down TT-shirts hard.

big wheel bmx

this one was sent in by a reader//i dig that shit so keep em coming. rick fucks shit up on a big bike. thanks for keeping me in the loop with the freewheel shit guys.

off TTopic: hipster trash compactor

i dont usually post this genre of riding... but this is some holy fuck type shit. had to post this. epic find by dan//thanks a shitload man.


roof drops, creative lines, low tech video effects, smoothe style... this flick brings some goods. check out 1:45 for some epic shit.

destroy bikes: minotaur and unicorn killer

here's a couple new customs from DESTROY BICYCLES. watch out for these guys//destroy is a builder who isnt afraid to innovate and try new shit. both of these frames have super modern geometries. the first being the unicorn killer (which SLUMWORM covered yesterday), has some crazy 26/dj style geo going. the second is the minotaur for GNARCOTIX. im really into the second/gnarcotix biuld, both are ultra progressive and causing some shit talk//"discussion" in the twitter shit. do yourself a favor and check out DESTROY BIKES. local, grass roots, hand made in the USA.

skate shiTT: trong your mind

TRONG YOUR MIND keeps their shit up to date and keeps the flicks coming. head over and check their shit out for some locally grown grass roots shit.

weird pista 16

weird pista covers shiokaze. kind of long, but a different perspective on shiokaze.


SFG (king of quick clips) teams up with XXLSTYLE to bring us a couple quick trick tutorials. back in the day everyone was asking for trick tips. these two are real basic, but this is gold for the beginner. just to be able to watch a trick done over and over again helps a shitload.

houghton nights 2

the first one was sick and this follow up definitely brings some big shit. hopefully they keep this going. so fucking pumped to see jd repping that TT shirt. everyone kills it in this edit, the night crew obviously gets fucking SAVAGE on when they get together.

tom and tony in texas

here's some cell phone clips from tom and tony's visit to texas. looks like some good shit. psyched to see prolly on a bike, even if he's not getting after any heavy tricks//that new bruiser looks so sick. check the ledge at 2:09, so sick. tom and tony are always killing it/im a big fan of lamarche since way back. this is classic fixed freestyle at its finest. must see TTv.