gorbis: stay chud

stay chud motherfuckers... and gorbis stepped shit up with this one. definitely some bigger tricks in this one.

gage foo spring 2011

i havent watched this shit yet because it wont play for some reason.... maybe youll have better luck.

skate shiTT

quick trailer for creature's video "hesh law". this shit isnt new, but i never picked up a copy. looks fucking killer//rumor has it theres a barrier kult section in here.

big wheel bmx: nothing serious

street, trails, and park in this one... nothing serious, just some mellow big bike shit. check it.

jesse jambox

shred the city at night... i love cruising downtown at night and hanging at spots. here's what jesse had to say; "nothing serious, just riding around having fun,drinking beers and recording the party with our cell phones"

bike check: wonder's bb17 charmer build

these BB17 frames are super legit. here's another clean build via the BB17 BLOG. head over there for full build specs, i cant say that ive even seen one of these built up that i didnt like. shit looks so good. also sounds like they ready for purchase, get your BB17 on.

volume vandal finalized

if you didnt already catch this, it sounds like the vandal is being finalized. geo looks sick///pumped on these. a quality 26er frame from a name you can trust. i have no doubt these will be sick as fuck. head over to VOLUME for more.

bike check: dual 26 unknown v2

here's a super clean build i caught on TRICK TRACK (wtf happened to TRICK TRACK, seems like hardly anyone posts builds anymore.) this thing looks fucking sick, dialed, clean colorway, solid part kit. here's the rundown:
Bike Check-
Frame-Unknown v 2
Fork- BB17 Cobra
Grips- Odi longneck cut flange
Stem- The Shadow Conspiracy Strike
Headset- Eclat Dual integrated
Seat/Seatpost- Resist
Sprocket- Profile Polished 36t
Crank arms- EighthInch 170
Pedals- Atomlab
Frs- Molecule Trigger prototypes
Chain- Halflink
Wheelset- Atomlab Pimlites 32h laced to 32h Sadio Spark Hubs
Cog- Soma 13t & 15t
Lockring- Dura ace

head over to TRICK TRACK for more photos//post your shit up over there. 

nasty at shiokaze

caught this on NASTY'S WBASE BLOG. one of his runs from shiokaze//always psyched to see him ride.

chawlie duee

more fixed shit from dtlb. long beach is the spot. this one sums up the weekend pretty good, rainbow flags and brendan benefit tee shirts. chawlie has a mean barspin and hits up a bunch of classic dtlb spots.

shiokaze 11

a look at the W-LINE DISTRO possed heading for shiokaze. some real good clips in here. nasty skate shiTT, he skates like a motherfucker, back lips on ledges///wtf.

quick clip: nyc shin

workin on those back wheelies... psyched to see people get these dialed and take em to some next level shit.

ddr sunset

this one dates back to december... ddr posse holding down some flatground///reppin that Ali shit.

eat shiTT

monday sucks//eat shiTT