skate shiTT: tyler johnson

so sick. tyler fucking kills it on a skateboard.

steven dunnuck

steven has one of those new blk mrkt street fiend frames built up. from the sound of these he's part of the test ride squad. clean build for sure tho. these are gunna be sick.

chris delia iko iko lines

some trials inspired fixed riding. pretty sick, dude has massive hops.

kendrick bautista

some skatepark footage from kendrick of the FAST posse.

michael chacon quickie

super clean production from mike on a bike. dialing in some tech shit/classic chacon footage on that next level.

skate shiTT

jball sent this shit through... this is one of his friends older brothers flick. its fucking insane, so many massive tricks in here. 1:56 is some of the heaviest shit out there. must see TTv.

some tarck shiTT

here's a flashback to the tarck days...