i heard this was a tv spot on mke local tv hahaha. this shit is so rad. dont miss it. MWM2 is going to be so sick.

skate shiTT

skate flicks dont usually get the stamp... but this shit is pretty fucking heavy.


roof drops, parties, knives, broken bones, slams, typical banned shit. dont miss 03:23.

end of the world day edit

1:55 of pure entertainment//this edit is sick. lol at the song. this is some must see shit, too many highlights in here to call out. fucking killing it.

SHMOB saTTurdays: TTyler Louie

Photos by Luns Louie


shits gunna be sick.

SHMOB saTTurdays: buTTcher rebirTTh

Night sesh with my boy Lance Selleaze.

This is his V3 Scrambler build.