not the craziest riding///but the concept is pretty killer.

skate shiTT

yeah... more skate shiTT from barrier kult. i get all bent on shit sometimes and post the fuck out of it. the shirts look fucking sick tho and the skate in ski masks shit is epic. 

off TTopic: DONT DO IT

i wont shove my opinion down your face//nor have i watched this video yet, so i cant talk... but keep shit grass roots. the people still have a hand on fixed bikes. sent a pic of this to gus as a joke, but for real, dont do it. #justsayin

aj austin bruiser bike check

aj showing us his new bruiser. these things look so sick. dont miss the end lol. TTv is on a little bit of a bike check binge right now. im gunna try to keep this shit going///get your builds on trick track so i can get some shit to post #justsayin//i love bike checks.

wrahw: gus molina bike check

this build looks sick//gus is pumped on the flanged grips these days haha. im into this one, clean fuckin machine. head over to WRAHW for the details.