this is my shit///i was talking about posting this a while ago, but never did. i picked up an UNKNOWN frame and built it up on 700's. check the uncut DESTROY bars, shit feels so sick 32" wide//cruisered. some big tires tires 29x2.1 front and 2.0 rear. 39x15 ratio. the rest is pretty basic;

frame: UNKNOWN (medium)
fork: BLKMRKT (super old 135mm//strong as fuck//massive clearance)
bars: DESTROY (w//out the crossbar)
wheels: 700chukker (on formula hubs)
crank: PROFILE 165
sprocket: TREE
f/tire: KENDASMALLBLOCK8 29x2.1
r/tire: SERFASDRIFTER 29x2.0

im building up a 26 wheelset//so more pics later. big shout to DESTROY for the bars, fuckin psyched on these things, super comfortable, look/feel sick on the bike. also thanks a fuckload to UNKNOWN for the frame. digging this setup.

"for the hood"

enzo droppin some shit for the hood, staying on it. lol at the ender. also, he's currently got a medium thrasher that he wants to trade for a large if anyone out there's got a large they wanna trade for a medium... hit me up and ill do what i can do facilitate the trade.


ive posted his shit before, clint is one of my favorite bmx riders to watch. dont miss this shit.

nempro 14mm reaper hubs

caught this on PEDALCONSUMPTION///looks like NEMESIS PROJECT will be dropping some 14mm hubs on us in the near future, click over to their blog, sounds like they're coming up. psyched to see a grass roots operation getting somewhere. 

redbull ride and style: official video

the official redbull ride and style flick dropped, i caught it over at ZLOGBLOG and would suggest heading over there to check it out. i dont plan to post it///dont plan to speak my piece on red bull///i will say i had a fucking great time that weekend, and agree with prolly claiming; "look who got us all here in one place". well done video, as expected from a brand with a massive budget. 

quick clip: andreas "swede" wersall

this is the second quick clip from this guy... its obvious even in a flick this short that this guy has some serious bike handling skill. fucking sick. cant wait for a full edit.

the hisTTory channel

tom and wonka in tokyo. i remember seeing most of this footage, chances are there were a shitload of cameras on this shit, but this one must have slipped by me. classic shit right here. tom on his charge and wonka on his kilroy.

ddr bayside

if nothing else, the concept of mobbing with fixed/bmx/big bikes is sick. 1:17///good to see that sign language is international.

geometrick interview teaser

quick teaser for an upcoming interview flick with these guys///i love flicks like this, city cruising/wheelies in the streets on fixed trick bikes.

skate shiTT

jball sent this shit through//i think ZLOG might have already covered this one, but in case you didnt catch it there... dont skip it, this is some creative skate shit for sure.