the true life of steven marco

caught this one on ZLOG. solid edit, lots of big 180's down shit, narrow ledge rides, clean grinds///watch out for this guy.

skid & destroy

the big guy gets the fuck down. this shit is so sick. some new shit from a shop up north. looks legit head over and check em out at the SKID AND DESTROY SHOP PAGE and EPIFFNY CLOTHING

sean burns surfin for the ugly broads

ive already posted two bmx clips today, who gives a fuck. this shit is so fucking sick. im a huge bone deth fan and this edit is on some fucking killing it to death shit.

off TTopic

ha. this shit is sick. freewheel fakie for days. the ender on that first one is sick haha. off topic, but fuck it, i had to post this shit.

skate shiTT

mini grom throwin down big hammers.


rad style, big shit, broken leg. wTTf. this edit is sick.


cole has been bringing edits non stop lately. that barhop ender in this one is some pretty big shit, game stepped up. head over to RYD and get your budget build on.


i guarantee you this shit is hard to keep going and these guys bring it with number 6. more booze, more grass, more madness. dont miss hamricks roof line ender SO FUCKING SICK. dude steps his shit up every time while still maintaining his "extracurricular activities". haha. BBGKCMO KILLS IT.

big wheel bike shit

some "mtb street"

skylmt: steven jensen

so its not the end of the world that i predicted, but SKYLMT brings us some new shit from jensen. he's a fucking beast. dont talk just watch///this shit is better than you're expecting. jensen is always on some next level shit, setting the standard, and making this fixed bike game look legit as fuck. not to mention colby and colin got that filming/production dialed. FUCKING KILLING IT.

first edit

remember that jackson wallace face plant flick i posted a couple days ago? this is is earlier shit. he progressed a lot between these two edits. hopefully he heals up and gets back at it soon.

quick clip: rooTTs

some quick bmx shit.