TK for TTv

this photo is fucking sick//TK is fucking sick//so fucking psyched on this shit//

sadio build

caught this over at TRICK TRACK. i think its the first sadio build ive seen. clean setup.

kendrick got a new frame

nempro's are fuckin sick.

the hisTTory channel: tom mosher

since i dropped some tom mosher earlier today and claimed he'd been in this shit since forever, i figured i should back that up with some hisTTory channel. this is toms part from bootleg sessions v2. we've come a long way since these days. tiny tires, brooklyn forks for barspins, raised saddles... tom was one of the earliest fixed riders that i can remember doing any kind of grinds.

commute straps

christian hamrick from BBGKCMO known famously for their BBG CHRONICLES SERIES, hit me up with some pics of a new foot retention offering from their posse in kansas city. COMMUTE is a local grass roots startup. these look solid, i dig their logo, and rumor has it these will be inexpensive. no word on when or how much... but keep an eye out, i will keep these in the loop.

skate shiTT

stereo is the real deal. this edit is super sick, good tunes, fast skating, quick editing. this shits entertaining, dont hesitate//click it.

fuck yeah//some new shit from TOM MOSHER. been too long. i consider mosher to be one of the original/grandaddy motherfuckers in this fixed freestyle shit. he's still holding it down hard; tire slides, big hops, creative shit...  that curved skinny ledge wheelie at 0:27, and that tight barhop at 1:05 are highlights for sure. his style is refined and dialed these days. must see TTv.

c'est la merckx 2 teaser

anything good is worth doing more than once... looks like there's gunna be a c'est la merckx part deux haha. dont miss this edit, this is one of the most creative flicks ive seen in a while, so sick, 100% entertainment. must see TTv///fucking killing it on the edit job.

swoo for swerve theory

swoo's getting shit real dialed on that new BB17 setup. that spot at 0:42 is so sick//dont miss the line at the end, rad end of edit in this one. check out SWERVE THEORY.

jball solo edit

jball's been holding out on us//stacking clips for this solo edit... theres some shit in here that i didnt know he had in him. fuck yeah jball.

bintang hanggono: jogja fist up

watch out for this guy... deep bag of tricks, nonchalant style, solid bike handling///keep this shit coming.