quick clip: blackened//marco in fukuoka

blackened edits always deliver. this shits sick, marco throws down a couple quick lines of some of the smoothest flatground out there. must see TTv.


monday afternoon slow jam for the ride home

kozo backflip

this ones been getting a lot of attention. one more look at kozo's backflip from the redbull ride and style event.

skate shiTT

@wolfdrawn twitted this shit at me. so sick. shit music and low def effects.

.cleanse your doors.

holy fuck... super fucking heavy slam in here at 0:34. watch out for the hospital footage at the end. some serious shit.

off TTopic: EXP

some video art type shit from elevated engineering.

SKYLMT 5.18.2011

on 5.18.2011 the world as you know it will end. haha. really, i dont know whats gunna drop, but watch for it at SKYLMT.COM

reppin that TT

so sick to see people reppin this shit.

quick clip: cult park 180

180 down some long steps at cult park. THIETH loves a quick clip.

shiokaze'11 trick comp

trick comps non stop these days, nasty, funny, kozo throwing down. kozo has those backflips dialed.

fixed gear chico

i dig that first guys style and murdered out setup.

big wheel bmx

here's a quick interview with dan, he's a reader, he rides a big bike...

eat shiTT

monday sucks///eat shiTT