toTTal repost for FRIDAYTTH13TTH

some creepy culty shit for FRIDAYTTH13TTH

we laugh alot

heres some shit from meel lao that i missed about a week ago. looks like one of these guys is riding destroy bars?? is that possible?

the hisTTory channel: ɔıƃɐɯ ʞɔɐןq

what better day to relive this edit than FRIDAYTTH13TTH. this is probably one of the most memorable, best executed, themed edits in the brief hisTTory of fixed bikes/// #justsayin


the death of a butcher/real life gore

i had to post this shit, i got this fucking text message like 30 seconds after i posted that birth of a butcher shit. thats some fucking FRIDAYTTH13TTH voodoo shit right there. shane obviously goes hard; ripped his fucking butcher in half, took a solid fucking axe wound to the shin, and is in good spirits still talking shit via text;

the birth of a butcher

pretty cool flick from 1/8th inch of the butcher getting welded up. always interesting to see that kind of shit. via: LOCKEDCOG



friday night... fuckin party. haha.

skate shiTT: barrier kult for FRIDAYTT13TTH





opignon: spring's spins

i dig this guys style, kinda old school, lazy mellow style. the filming and editing are clean. entertaining flick for sure.

carson leh custom seats

if ur into that classy shit, or just want a killer authentic saddle, check these out. caught these custom leather pivotals over at DEFGRIP, fuckin sick.kinda $teep/but these look like quality.


anthony rasca: bike check

i dig bike checks///here's anthony's. plus some riding at cherry park in dtlb. check the last trick, never seen anyone use that ledge like that. sick.

blkmrkt street fiend

this thing looks so sick. 26 fixed, rad looking geo, and its blkmrkt so you know its sturdy as fuck. caught this on the BIKE DAILY flickr


salem covers britney spears.


anthony rasca

anthony is another one of those who's holding it down for long beach. heres a couple quick ones, the 2nd one will make you dizzy/dig the low def neg art shit tho.

michael chacon may 2011

this is definitely the most legit chacon edit ive seen. lots of good tricks, good flow, psyched on that barspin at 0:27... legit all around, and a little less of the roll twirl stuff than usual. mike stepping it up. good mix of new and old school shit.