iminusd: 2010 scraps

lots of killer footage in here... LOTS/FUCKLOADS haha. this is some action packed shit right here. appearances by several of your favorite fixed killers. kinda long, but worth the watch. dont miss the slam at 1:16.

wolfdrawn: lil b roll

digging the title of this one. so sick. i fuckin love leftover footage shit, and you know its fire coming from WOLFDRAWN. matt, corey, and congo putting it down for long beach, spot variety, big tricks, congo on a bmx... dont even hesitate, click play///watch all the way to the end for #pissy tire busters haha. shits sick.

jake lanich

caught this on LOCKEDCOG, good to see some footage from him. check out 1:22 for some super smoothe krislc style. the rest of these kids throw down too. solid edit.

pissedead short 2

heres a pissedead short i missed... not much riding, lots of street grit. sick entertainment.

dig the dignities

some interesting editing from dignity bikes.


more themed/stylized webflick from from the bmx world... i may or may not have already posted this shit, but sean burns kills it and its a friday the 13th week///so im into it.

skate shiTT

creature is sick, this video looks sick, dont miss this trailer. anyone actually seen this? im gunna try to track down a copy, themed video projects are fucking epic.

winter shred

one last winter shred post... the snow is gone, winter is over... but i saw this and had to repost. im definitely a fan of corey smiths approach to snowboarding, but this is some next level shit. never seen anything like it, i want one of those things.

quick clip: f.a.s.t.

some synchronized park shred. 

bbg chronicles episode v

they still on it 5 weeks in a row holding it down. seems like the posse grows every week, these guys roll deep. some cinco de mayo holy water in there haha. the tricks are solid, the edit is entertaining, and these guys obviously put in work to get this shit out every week. fucking sick. check hamrick reppin some #TTIGERBLOOD.

houghton nights

someone at SAVAGE CO just emailed this flick through to me... this edit came out fucking killer, the skatepark lighting looks rad at night. theres tons of good clips in here, must see TTv. watch this shit.