odaiba sessions

some new flat fix shit. this spot looks killer to chill out at. check it for some mellow bmx and fixed shit.

planet hops travel to daegu city

the high quality production and bike skills you expect from planet hops... check the synced 180's at 1:56.

skate shiTT

dont make this one full screen haha. super shit video quality, but slave flicks are hard to come by. this shits legit.

lamarche via prolly

tom and tony headed out to texas to visit prolly... some rad photos came of it, these two were definitely my favorites. obviously you've "PROLLY" already seen these over there, but fuck this so sick. head over to PROLLY's blog to check out more from the grandaddy's of fixed freestyle.

rooTTs: hoder and friends in ny

ny has tons of sick spots. its so fucking rad to see riders who kills hit get out there and unload on spots. hoder throws down in this one, dont miss the ender.

pissedead short 3

this edit is fucking sick, so psyched to see voegeli repping that TT-shirt i sent, which for the record went out in one of the earliest batches. this edit is sick, andrew and bailey keep that necessary grit in there, hammer down some solid tricks, and bring more than just bikes with their webflick entertainment. must see TTv.

toTTal repost: STOLEN BIKE

 this shit still hasnt been recovered, dont forget to keep watch;
"It has a chrome straight fork now. Front wheel has a HED skewer, rear is a deep v ano blue painted over in gold, then break worn through. It has black messengers, and a 47t TA Specialties chainring." -brendan

show no mercy, fuck the cunt who stole this shit, i have no sympathy for a dumb motherfucker who steals shit. get this back an THIETH will reward you. 

email me with any updates/sightings/recovery THIETH.GIVER@GMAIL.COM

quick clip: eyeTTunes

i snagged this from WOLFDRAWN'S MUSIC MONDAYS, not something i plan to keep doing, but i wanted to put his shit on blast... and this song/video fucked my head up. music mondays is so legit, tons of rad shit on there, matt has eclectic taste and goes deep on it.

torey's new whip

torey's builds are always legit. i think he should post a bike history of all his builds since the doom days. this is his latest, shit looks sick. i caught it on twitter, and id suggest you get in there and follow him. tons of relevant content coming out of his twitshit that he doesnt post up on WRAHW.

84kick in sf

84kickin it old school with some tarck style shit. i dig the footplant 180's/sf is always the shit to ride.