quentin oddo spring edit

i cant say that ive seen footage from quentin before, and from the looks of it, this is his first edit on vimeo. fucking solid showing for a first edit. that ender is pretty big, got a natural style, and a bag of tricks. watch out for this guy.

sorry, about the price of milk

heres some new-old shit from ronnie. according to the description, antimo has been sitting on this footage since february... psyched on this one, the intro and ender are super sick.

fixed gear geneva

looks like they got some pretty killer parks out there in geneva. street shits pretty solid too. nice quick no bullshit edit from the guys at fixed gear geneva.

joe and jd in riverside

vince went out with joe and jd in riverside and snapped a couple pics. thanks for sending this through. these two kill shit.


ride fast. theres some massive shit in here. check the banks to wall at 1:30.

skate shiTT

this goes a bit outside of the typical skate shit post with some "commercial-ish" high end production. funny shit tho... too good not to post.

6:00 am at stoner park

back to back packy edits, this one is sick... im psyched he's keeping at it. packy and mike headed over to stoner park early to get it before the skate mob showed up. that park looks fucking fun, and its sick to get in there and have it all to yourself. some killer tricks went down, packy nails some lines i didnt know he had in him... and mikes slider at 0:59 is crazy long. check this shit.

dan and his bike

here's a documentary style flick of dan who rides fixed freestyle.

we merge intro 2011

i caught this over at LOCKEDCOG, theres a mix of skate, fixed, and some agro inline shit.

BB17 V2 handlebars

BB17 is one of my favorite brands to watch. seems like they pay attention to whats going on. their frames look legit, they aggressively go after development, and theyre building a solid squad these days. head over to the BB17 BLOG and check the latest revision of their already popular bars, these things look fucking sick.

joe mckeag for bici concepts

joe is rad, and he fucking shreds on a bike. you may or may not have caught this on the bici concepts site not that long ago, but i wasnt able to post it. looks like its now on youtube, so here you have it. this edit is fucking serious, joe put in work and it shows. so many good lines, so many hammers in this flick. if you havent seen it, this is must see TTv. fucking killing it.