city grounds: welcome to the team corey

this edit is so fucking sick, he's now on CITY GROUNDS, and corey is reppin some THIETH shit hard. he's on some next level with this one. his riding is smoother, tricks are bigger, creative lines, fucking killing shit these days. so many big tricks in here. pissy went hard in the paint on this shit. WOLFDRAWN did an epic job on this edit. if you only watch one flick today click this one. must see TTv, fucking killing it.

~@rail fail!!!

brad is fucking nuts/obviously tough as fuck. taking some slams to get shit done. these rails are fuckin big, and dont miss the chair bust up ender.

big wheel bmx

here's some 26er shit, just a quick one, but what got me is that all these tricks could go down on fixed bikes... the lines are starting to blur.

quick clip: skate shiTT

sofus francisco brings all kinds of different flicks.


dawson put together a quick edit of some older footage. check it. head over and check out their blog 209COGS