SHMOB saTTurdays

Photo by Garret Hernandez
This is a screenshot from some footage we got in San Francisco the Tuesday before Red Bull. We had a solid session at the island where we met Carl of Gnarcotix. We rode some street and eventually made our way to 3rd and Army. The edit coming out of this day is going to be a good one.

PS: If you haven't seen the SAVAGE team page, check that shit out. Looking real fresh.


low tech killing it


this shit is fucking epic. check the song LOL. pre-tattoo, wtf//going hard as fuck. dont miss this, if you down with hoder.

skate shiTT

sf is always the shit. if you were up there, hopefully you got to check out some classic skate spots.

SNDTRCK: april edit

SNDTRCK flicks are always legit, i dig checking out the euro spots... looks like a rad place to ride. these guys stay in it with the web content. coming pretty hard with this new one. check that skid at the 0:20 mark, a build with white wall tires, some moon walk action... some killer tricks in this one. always worth the click.