fixed needs to bring some grit like this. shit is fucking epic.

elevated engineering red bull coverage

this is fucking nuts... so much TT-shirt rep at the front of this flick. i shit my pants a little bit. haha. i wanted to see video of these tricks so bad, super pumped on this edit. awesome coverage, and some insane tricks go down. must see TTv/fucking killing it.

off TTopic

real live horror

cinco de mayo quickie

more frome blake and austin, a quick one from cinco de mayo. what better way to celebrate mexican independence than flicking a couple barspins in some mickey mouse gloves haha.

skate shiTT



roof shit.


the title of this edit is FUCKING SIIIICK. lol at the "musgravin it lone wolf style" haha. this is rad. thanks for the shout out man... solo shit is some dedication, personally i love riding alone, but filming solo is next level. mellow, quick, and that pyramid looks pretty decent for fixed bikes.

wt red bull ride + style

heres the event from the wt perspective. i really dig this edit, i think they covered a bunch of solid trick in this one... and wonkas slam. sick edit. 2:39 is probably one of the most awkward slams ive seen. santos ollying the dice gap///so sick.

the hisTTory channel: tom and tony

i figured since tom and tony are out in texas visiting PROLLY, i'd keep with that theme and drop some hisTTory shit on these two. theyve been the face of fixed freestyle longer than anyone and still hold it down. its so sick how hard they were killing it on "actual track bikes"... if ur new to this shit, watch and learn.

us vs them redbull coverage

uvt got some epic coverage of the redbull ride/style event. super clean filming and editing, angles from the floor, good shit. watch it all the way to the end... they pushing some new foot retention that looks nuts. love it or hate it///look at it. says available through the UVT WEBSITE, but i cant find em on there... more details as they emerge.


some mini fixed trick shit... nothin serious. these bikes are funny looking.