gnarcotix: welcome to hogwarts

been too long since we last saw something from gnarcotix... now they droppin two in a row lately. dont call it a come back.

funny repping THIETH

PROLLY and WOLFDRAWN were getting at me with this photo of funny repping some THIETH. so fucking psyched on this one. head over and check PROLLY'S LATEST POST / FLICKR UPLOAD for tons of TT-shirt's in photos, thanks a fuckload to everyone who put this shit on blast over the weekend.

prolly's new bruiser

PROLLY just posted this up on twitter a bit ago, shit got me fuckin psyched. this is our first look at the new bruiser, and it looks fucking dialed. i had one previously and loved it, but moved on due to the limited tire clearance. from the sound of things that issue is killed dead by the latest rev. with massive 2.5 29er tire clearance WTF, and 135 spacing. so sick. next generation bruiser is going to be nuts, stay posted to PROLLY for updates. 

collin provost's stay gold b-sides

Collins throwaway footage is as serious as death itself

quick clip: 3 clips at dean lane, bristol

caught this via ZLOG's "likes" on VIMEO. killer quick clip///rad style and a fuckin mean barspin. THIETH loves a quickie.

thunderKILL LTD

rumor has it that these are going to drop soon. there was a TK tweet recently claiming to get your preorder in asap. i cant fucking wait for these to hit the street. been a long time in the making and as you can see with the above drawings, charles has been real hands on with this project. SCHEMING GEO'S, testing frames, working with his frame builder, getting shit dialed himself... talk about grass roots. i love this shit. head over to THUNDERKILL for detailed pics of the most recent revision, and to preorder one of these. 

ricardo lino hospitalized

i just got this email at lunch... sounds like he slammed pretty hard. head over to WESTFIXED for the story. west fixed, keep us updated/hopefully its a quick recovery.

alien workshop for thrasher