one last redbull update: thank you benny gold

one last redbull post... this was the general tone of the scene outside benny gold...  even though i never actually saw a benny gold party, or the store open for that matter, this was hands down the best part of the contest. fucking awesome weekend. thanks to everyone for all the support.

packy golan: springtime edit

here's a flick from one of my favorite up and coming grom killers. packy golan fucking kills shit. his edits are always on point, he's got super good bike control, rad style, and a deep bag of tricks. the rest of his posse holds it down too. huge shout out to packy and friends, check the #TTIGERBLOOD shirt rep at 1:50//TTH13TTH in the credits///SO FUCKCING SICK. proud to be a part of what he's got going. must see TTv.

gilbran - fixed bandit penumbra edit

clean build, killer logos, good riding, rad spots... solid flick here. some riding from jakarta indonesia... its rad to see other parts of the world coming up on this fixed shit. these guys are holding it down. head over to one of their army of blogs, reppin some bmx in there too: PENUMBRA / FIXED BANDIT / MONSTER BIKE

blade baker

here's a name i havent heard for a while and a flick i missed from two months ago... fixed gear grom shred blade baker doing his thing, i actually dig this edit. the weird repeater clips, choppy, raw, 7eleven parking lot action, keep after it blade///where's that new shit?

musgrave: pre-edit

looks like musgrave found some people to ride with... thats some good shit, no more lone wolf. judging from the title there some more shit in the works. keep after it man.

bmore fixed: april daze

some new shit from bmore fixed... i always dif bmore fixed edits, these guys hold it down, and ive been wanting to see some footage of COLIN since the recent WRAHW posts.

bike talks

not to be confused with wheel talk... bike talks; hanging with jamil and chacon. is this a developing webflick zine type deal? cruise over to the vimeo page and check out glock work, lots of coverage of different shit.


here's a couple flicks from up and comers...

gorbis is back

fgfs for the surside. here's what gorbis had to say; "gorbis is coming back motherfuckers. freshly stocked on crack rocks and tranny hookers" haha.

iminusd redbull coverage

i expect the IMINUSD coverage of the redbull event should be pretty fucking clean. they always bring clean production, heres a teaser for their minute monday series.

great white north vol. 1

some killer riding in here from great white north... these clips were snagged over the course of 2 days, so expect some big shit in the future. this is just the tip of the iceberg. cant wait to see whats coming with this series.