flat fix 2011

some new shit from flat fix. bmx/fixed. lots of footage, food, slams, flat fix keeps it coming.

TT-reppin @ redbull/SF

congo has been sending through pics of people reppin TT up at the redbull event... so fucking sick. he also has shirts, so if ur up there, get after him while there's still some left.

quick clip

sean coats lurkin in the background///skatepark grindin

quick clip: daniel chamlern

heres a quick line from "steezysquares" and danile chamlern///holding down long beach while the rest of em are up north for that unnamed mega-corporate contest.

big wheel bmx: arcsi hegedűs ~ prowanted

some big wheel bmx shit... mostly mini shred... there might not be anything in this flick that todays fixed crowd cant hold down... just sayin. i caught this on matt reyes like list, you should follow him on vimeo, he clicks through some real good shit.

dora la exploradora para la suciedad

lol. nice title///nice intro. tony coming through with some self filmed shit. going hard in the skatepark blasting some big ones. psyched to see tony staying after this shit... he's up there in the grand dad group of fixed freestyle since bootleg1. #respect