too much TTv will make your fucking eyes explode and shit
got something in the works... hopefully it pans out

quick clip: nick bench jump

thats a fuckin solid hop right there...

forest parker for iminusd

sick fucking edit. lots of hammers in here. check that doubles shit on the wall, that flat gap, so many killer lines. dont miss this/must see TTv.

mission workshop and mixt meat

just caught this over at PROLLY, i usually skip past anything that says mission workshop since they dont typically aim shit at fixed freestyle, but i saw that MIXT MEAT had a part in this and gave it a watch. super high production value; clean filming, editing, good riding... the whole deal. worth a watch.


sounds like the pitbull (aka the FAUXrilla) will be released this month... some of you might have seen this a while ago. i consider it less of an "immatation" and more of a resurrection of a geo. looks like they'll also be dropping some parts on us. i caught this at KEEP IT TRICK, followed up for more at DICE, head HERE  for more photos.

pfg night session

either some or all of these clips were previously released... not sure if this is a re-edit, but either way its worth a re-watch. PFG "goes hard in the paint" haha. some big shit in here, not to mention someone living the #skimasklifestyle. haha. big ups to kenny arimoto///THIETH is down for PFG and DESTROY BIKES.

the ughs introduces simon gomok

the UGH'S is so fucking sick. coming in on some psychedelic shit. these guys are on some next level shit, super creative edits, solid riding, rad visuals, good music, KILLER BLOG, their style is so legit. im fucking pumped to see this shit develop. i watched this edit multiple times before posting it///fucking fire///fucking killing it///must see TTv.

yokohama session

mixed fixed and bmx... hopefully we see more of this in the future, bmx teaming up with fixed riders. this is some chill in the park///shred with friends type shit.

84 in san francisco

im guessing there's going to be a shitload of sf riding clips over the next few days. here's some classic "tarck" style one handed wheelie. wheelies down sf streets are a flashback to the mash days.