wheel talk mini jam

i know this is like two weeks old/but i missed it somehow; these fucking guys keep coming through with shit. generators, lights, a ramp over a car, a fucking band... this is some next level "event" shit. wheel talk compound is some kind of mecca haha. check this shit out.

westfixed at lourinhã

here's the latest flick from jotta and west fixed. that skatepark looks like a fun spot. caught this over at PROLLY, so cruise over there for a blog introduction and more detail.

gears are 4 girls

thats a 26er/DJ frame. are we gunna see more set ups like this in the future? i remember there were quite a few builds like this before the 26 specific frames caught on.

rooTTs: stranger

its no secret im a stranger fan. theyve been delivering solid/cretive/entertaining edits for some time now. must see TTv.


its wednesday, get weird, fuck work, fuck school... watch web flicks.

bike check: coles RYD conflict

caught this after seeing that latest flick from cole. totally missed it first time around.

nasty's signature frame

this is fucking rad and long overdue. nasty signature frame. seen at WRAHW///head over there for more pics and details.

bbg chronicles: episode 3

here's the latest from BBGKCMO. the third installment, the posse seems to be growing. i could be wrong. these flicks are coming out quick. so sick, fucking going for it. i dig the mtb in there for variety. and it looks like hamrick is killing shit on his unknown frame.


here's some learning tricks type shit, solo filmed, pure dedication. this is what it takes to get shit dialed. i wish my local park had some shit like this...


heres a flick i overlooked by musgrave... sounds like his frame is on its way out (cracked and bent) so he will be saying "farewell" to fixed bikes. thats a son of a bitch if you ask me... we'll miss the webflicks man.

24/SE7EN video mag

nice intro guys hahaha. something new, hope this continues... its a video mag (obviously) stay tuned to see how frequent///the progression along the way.