the hisTTory channel: skate shiTT edition

this is some classic skate shit right here... if you havent seen mouse "you fuckin up".  the flick you see here is one of my most memorable pieces of skate video history. i fucking loved this shit when it dropped... and i still, to this day, fucking love themed edits like this. "peep game"

cole's law

haha more clever title shit from cole and RYD. another pretty solid edit, staying on it. some "horrifying" music haha and a quick creeper clip in there. yeah theres some riding too, cole holds down a bunch of grinds and that intro slam was some shit.

individual crew

some fgmx shit from japan... posse up ride at night shit. japan looks rad at night. i been wanting to go there for a while now.


@WOLFDRAWN just twitted this shit at me... if you follow on twitter you might have already caught this... but i couldnt RESIST a re-post(lol///get it?). this is fucking epic shit right here, old vhs footage, some of the most creative bmx we might ever see. so sick. kind of long, but dont miss the enders, they fucking nuts.

lunch with stevo

really psyched on this one... the energy keeps strong through this edit, quick angle changes, solid bag of tricks, interesting filming and editing. cant wait for more from these guys... and this is just "warming up with some basic tricks" so theres more in store.

unknown in las vegas

vince hit me with this edit earlier today... everyone goes fucking hard in this flick. big shout to mckeag for killing shit even though he rides volume haha. this edit is sick. dont miss the ender. HOLY FUCK. more must see TTv//fucking killing it.

oscar and felix

holy shit this is awesome... check that grind at 0:36. oscar fucking kills shit everytime. some big hops, long grinds, epic spots... this shit wont disappoint. fucking killing it///must see TTv.

quick clip: really soon

here's a quick one from poland... shop opening "really soon"

trafik: keo curry rides la

been a looong time since we've seen keo's signature style... he keeps it "old school" with the "tarck" setup.


shea seems like a cool guy to be around... i love that TK shoutout at the end(150% down for TK). this dude has been hold it down for fixed freestyle for a while now///(we need to collectively come up with a better name than fixed freestyle)