i caught this via PROLLY's likes on vimeo... rad edit. seems like tree stays after creative riders, they dont disappoint.

skate shiTT

@adwinadam twitted this flick at me... some solid production, some good times, themed webflick action.

sorry, gypsy

caught this over at PROLLY... some tony fast slow motion fuck up. sounds like a NEW BLOG is dropping on us from the 407.

jeffyd in pdx

matt reyes threw together some clips from jeffy d's stay in portland. lots of solid lines in here, some killer skatepark clips. looks like theres some legit shit to ride up there in portland. this edit is packed, no slow parts.

WRAHW: miles mathia interview

theres a MILES MATHIA interview up on WRAHW right now. dont miss it, torey seems to get in with some of the more interesting personalities in this fixed shit. not to mention, he himself is one of the more interesting personalities/interesting perspectives. i always dig these.

TT-shirt reppin

caught these on WOLFDRAWN. corey and matt reppin the new #TTIGERBLOOD TT-shirts. psyched on that shit. HEAD OVER THERE and check the gettin buck post for some epic mid slam photos. also, there's some people expecting TT-shirts as of lately, sent a bunch out friday and the rest will go today. keep watch on your mailbox.

bike check: the future of fixed


stylin 26er proto

i caught this on the BB17 BLOG. looks like there's gunna be a stylin 26er. ive always liked the looks of the og stylin frame, but this thing looks way legit on 26's. head over to BB17 for more detailed photos.

極限運動協會舉辦FIXED GEAR單速車體驗營

bike demo with a little bit of fixed shit... seems like theres some kind event involving fixed bikes every week these days.

street 2011.04

some hang in the park flatground shit, this is how you get shit dialed. a couple tech tricks and long sliders in there.

phoenix X wolfdrawn shirts

these shirts look sick. i was hoping they'd do more with that logo. there's a couple other graphics on the blog, head over to PHOENIX and check it out.


"fuck school fuck straps" some strapless fixed riding. kinda surprised he can 180 like that without straps.