j-ruff's bb17 26er conversion

here's an update (posted yesterday) of RUFF's BB17 26er conversion. looks fucking sick. this build looks so sick. blacked out... and those immortis bars are so killer. fucking psyched on this setup.

another quickie

this kid has potential... some interesting tricks in there and he looks pretty natural on his bike. lots of new names coming in on this fixed shit.

skate shiTT

here's a second look at some rad grass roots shit//TOXIC TURDZ haha. lol at the name, but the skating in this flick is legit.

leader usa: matthew spencer

this edit is so fucking sick... matt always brings big shit, but this one is packed with insane clips. some huge gaps, super creative use of spots, never seen before skatepark lines, subtle styling with the black and white, good music, so much sick shit in this. TONS OF TT-SHIRT REP.  SO PSYCHED ON IT. i would call out tricks but there's way too much here///but that rock hop ender is some holy shit... FUCKING KILLING IT TO DEATH. im definitely backing the "best edit 2011" claims.

daichi slider

here's another one from blackened. digging those horror clips in between riding.