cousteau insists you listen to this shit//we 80 feet high right now//LOL

quick clip

this ones from mgd fixed gear budapest... wheelies are the shit, this is a quick line with some wheelie in. check it.

"fixie fixed gear tricks"

seems like i may have already posted this video under another title... youtube is fucked like that sometimes. anyways, pretty solid bag of tricks here.


here's a few bmx quick clips that i dug up... that first one is rad///and the last one, if you know that spot (dtlb) is a solid fucking three. so sick. check em.

skate shiTT: deer man of dark woods

this ones for you gus... deer man of dark woods is the shit... here is one with some higher production value, rad shots, rad location. check it.

wolfdrawnXphoenix straps now in stock

there's still a handful of these straps left over at WOLFDRAWN. head over and snag a set while you still can. if nothing else, click through and check out MATT'S TIRE SLIDE PHOTO... so fucking sick.

quick clip: chicks and tricks

i love seeing chicks going for it, couldnt resist posting this. check it, quick one from korea.

bbg chronicles

this shits sick, second installment of BBG CHRONICLES; 3taps in bars, whiskey, beer, bikes, antics, roof drops, TT-SHIRT reppin, that stair set skate park shit they got is pretty rad. they better keep this shit going, these edits are fucking rad. big shout to hamrick for sending this through and throwing down some fucking hammers in his TT-shirt. must see TTv.

SHMOB for cal cycles

SHMOB really stacked some footage for this one... shitloads of new tricks, new faces, hammers, getting support from some new names (SAVAGE//CAL BICYCLES)... they're dedicated and doing big things. im fucking psyched to see these guys coming up, they've been the longest running TTv supporters... and they love this fixed bike shit. the hard work shows in this flick... they've come a long way since their early edits. get psyched/dont fuck around/watch this shit.