maybe you caught this shit somewhere else... maybe you didnt. either way, these things look legit, i dig how WRAHW keeps with the black and "fever snotty green" theme. these came out looking killer, torey holds it down for fgfs//WRAHW is unaffected by mainstream bullshit, un-afflicted by flashing advertisements and corporate sponsorship, all authentic, all original... that being said, pick up a set of straps... put your money in the hands of the people keeping shit real.

blackened sessions

pretty good flick from blackened, some flatground shit. bags of tricks unloaded, shonen and daichi putting it down... dig that intro.

caught this over at COGWEI'S BLOG... some WEIRD PISTA coverage of central sessions. i dig seeing these events from different perspectives, and weird pista has been putting flicks down for a LONG time now.

quick clip: sfg_gwang wall tap

here's another quick one from the quick clip powerhouse SFG. more from that indoor ramp setup these guys get to ride.

BB17 conception frame/build

these things look so fucking sick. just caught this over at the BB17 BLOG. head over there for more detailed pics. check the build too, so clean, so sick, the details on this thing are fucking epic.

swoo's dual 26 charmer

SWOO just posted up some clean photos and a bike check/parts rundown over at CONSTANT REVOLUTION. head over and check it out, im psyched on these things, especially after seeing RUFF's built up on 700's.

rooTTs: slam

here's something new from sofus francisco... that last slam was some shit.