if you didnt catch this over at WRAHW, ur fucking blowing it. KHAN just joined up with the WRAHW BLOOD FAM... head to the WRAHW BLOG and check it out... this posse is, for fucking sure, one of the hardest camps in fixed freestyle;
huge shoutout to torey for coming through with this, i got a shitload of respect for him and WRAHW.

jonathan davis for unknown bike co

jonathan davis unknown roof drop
vince at unknown hit me up with this fucking epic photo sequence. this shit came out so rad, and that roof is a fucking nutty drop. i cant believe he rode away from this.


this shit is so fucking sick. did anyone catch the TT-shirt in there. got me fucking PSYCHED. this edit brings some rad grit to this fixed shit. again, so fucking psyched on the TT-shirt reppage in this one. some rad names, big tricks, fucking sick antics, good tunes, the whole fucking package. sick flick. MUST SEE TTv.

steven jensen parking lot edit

if you havent seen this click it now... jensen always delivers... so rad to see someone with a deep bag of tricks unloading shit in a parking lot, this guy constantly fucking kills shit. fucking flat whips in this one. so nuts. MUST SEE TTv.

what the heck-tor

ryd bringing us another lol title... hopefully these guys keep the clever titles coming, haha. anyways here's the latest, a hector carillo edit.

the break of spring

jball came through with some spring break shit... kinda long stacked tons of footage over spring break. antics, good times, solid tricks...

this is jaka

another one from meel lao... bringing us a jaka introduction. some solid tricks in here and some solid slams in the intro.

wonka bike check

you can almost build up a whole bike using only sadio these days. check it... didnt we just see a wonka bike check like a month ago?


THIETH is back. gunna hit the catch up shit real quic, fuckloads of flicks over the weekend. here's one from b-rad, it wont be long before you see this guy with his own brad show haha. tons of good shit in here.

rooTTs: for the lulz

this is pretty old, so you mightve already seen this shit... but heres a funny one from defgrip. dont miss it if you havent seen it.