the hisTTory channel: steven jensen

everyone who has access to vimeo has had an opportunity to catch this shit... but i dont know if everyones clicked around enough to catch this. here's jensen's earliest fixed flick on a beat up conversion. haha. so sick, even the track stands are on some next level, check the hop bar ender... aside from this flick here, i cant say that i ever saw someone do that shit on a conversion.

SHMOB saTTurdays: New Wheels via Cal Bicycles

I recently had two new wheels built up at Cal Bicycles. Huge shoutout to them, especially manager Daood for hooking it up. They are a super legit shop in downtown Livermore, CA, if you're somewhere in the bay area or east bay you should check them out. My front wheel is a 29" Salsa Gordo laced to Demoltion Mary Kate. The rim is huge (35mm) and makes 2.0" Serfas drifter fit even bigger. My back wheel is a 700c MTX33 laced to a slotted Resist Hub. Loving it. The wheels are the biggest change I've made to my bike since the original bike check, but I also have a set of the new Destroy bars on there and am running a 33/12 ratio now.

Gnarcotix 2011: It's Resil Bitch

Fresh edit from Resil Vila of Gnarcotix/Nemesis Project. Swag him the fuck out.

Jub from Label Kills

Jub was killing it before he up & quit

Deer Man of Dark Woods

The Barrier Kult will feast on your soul