Unexpected Thursdays 23

I always enjoy these from The Rise. The crash at 0:25 is crazy, and the ender in this one if definitely Fucking Killing It.

Ben Fisher in TaHa

expect more manual mayhem from this strange fiend...

vimeo digging

check this gem from sean coats. fucking loving it. intro and ender are some solid fucking gold haha.


Coming straight from the dark and dreary land of Britain
Horsey is killing skateboarding

the hisTTory channel

heres some shit from that butcher man from way back... that one handed one footed wheelie was some fucked up shit back then... not to mention this guy has rad style, killer bike handling, and a solid bag of tricks... especially for the era. check the bike setup too; quill stem, aerospoke, 650 front, lol, fucking classic.

Ryan Spencer Hall of Meat

smile if your missing some teeth

rooTTs: Nike6.0 standy Barcelona French Team

Might be a repost, but this is a favorite. So much pegless goodness.