Jon Allie in Radio Television

Back when Jon was actually skating...
He was fucking killing it

Old School Puckett

For those of you down with the OG shit. Those 3tap to 180s are so clean.

Terror from Beyond

Speaking to you TTHEITTH minions from one of the 9 gates of hell.

I hope this video will haunt your dreams & terrorize your waking hours

Fresh Wheels

Preview shot of my new set up. Got new wheels/hubs/tires, full wheel & bike check coming soon now that its complete. Thats a 29" x 2.0 Serfas Drifter up front.

Peep the ThunderKILL decal on the headtube. Check out what's left of the Polar Massacre 35% off sale if you haven't already.


the other fucking special guest TTakeover this time will be brought to you by none other than GOTTHROSS. he will be bringing you skate shit (he follows skate shit way too closely in my opinion, so he better drop some epic fucking shit on us) and hopefully some twisted music... maybe some tall boot and trench coat reccomendations if ur lucky 
(thats a joke, so dont post any fucking trench coat or tall boot shit motherfucker).

i have also prescheduled some historically relevant (to fixed gear) shit as well as a couple other flicks i liked.


the time has come for yet another SHMOB TTakeover... SHMOB SHANE will be posting for you beginning tonight and through this weekend as well as another special guest. THIETH cannot be held accountable for any content over the course of the next four days. brace yourself, and dont forget, you cant unsee any of this shit. hahahahaha.

quic clip: osaka funny

quick one from funny... rad spot too, what is that some concrete slide shit?

wolfdrawnXphoenix straps now in stock

phoenix X wolfdrawn straps are now in stock at WOLFDRAWN.COM. support real fixed shit, buy these direct from the man himself, you know these things look fucking sick. saw this tweet last night and got fucking pumped;


heres some fgmx from DEVIATION BMX. rad to see some bmx people cross over. this is minishred, but he's got some footplants dialed, and the makings for some good shit. cant wait to see more.

sasha de park: mather

some new shit from krislc. he's got rad style, i dig the grinds on the quarter at the end. rad edit.

rooTTs: dah streets

some new shit from muffinman... if you havent heard, cruise over to his blog DAHSTREETS.BLOGSPOT and check it, hood shit.