inTTroducing: the ughs

this edit is fucking sick. im looking forward to more of this shit in the future. check the lowdef video effects. fuck this is some extreme must see TTv. these guys are dropping a blog on us too ( which im guessing will be filled with the same kind of carnage you see in this flick. cant wait, im a fan already.

quick clip: spring break

heres a quick one from hellachunky... everyones on spring break right now, step your game up, get some shit filmed.

matt reyes: trick of the day

so fucking sick... fives on fixed is no joke. slum worm fucking kills shit.

rooTTs: photo hunt

been cruising around some bmx sites lately... just caught this ad, suck a fucking sick photo. those burns grips are pretty epic too. also stumbled on this TUMBLR from someone who's in with bone deth... if ur a fan, click around.


some shit from shadow and ricky bates. kinda old, but a fuckin solid edit no less.

skate shiTT

some fast/creative skating, mostly park, some killer lines... this is a classic video part.

bmx socal throwaway

enzo santi sent this one through... looks like he rolls with a bmx posse. this flick is a mix of bmx and fgmx, enzo is getting better and it looks like venice has some pretty good spots.