bbg chronicles: episode1

this shit is sick. BBG is the posse that hamrick rolls with... they all teamed up to drop a new webflick series. get psyched on this shit, tons of fresh footage, some chaos, lots of new names, big tricks, funny shit... that slam at the end is fucking epic. oh and check that THIETH repp at the end of the flick so sick, thanks for the shout out.


caught this on THECOMEUP. that front yard rail is fucking killer. lots of creative spots in this flick, some skate shit, killer edit all around.

quick clip: blakes third try

ha this shit is so rad... grom getting down, unloading a bag of tricks all in one line... THIRD TRY. so sick.

quick clip: sfg

a couple quick clips from sfg... the first one is that indoor ramp we keep seeing these guys ride, and the second is a bridge over there in seoul i assume. that place looks fucking rad.

matt reyes by mikul eriksson

this edit is so fucking good. i love the creative "natural" spots at the beginning, so sick. its been waaaaay too long since this guy dropped some shit on us. so many legit tricks in here. super clean production, the fuckin works... this is some top notch shit/must see TTv/fucking killing it.

steven jensen: wake me up

fuck i hope he keeps this kind of shit going... back to back edits from jensen, you know its fire. just watch the shit.

central sessions X the grime tour

got this twitted at me by WOLFDRAWN (go check music mondays), last night, totally missed it, way better coverage than those two raw clips i posted up yesterday. lol at doggy's run ending style. kozo's part is some crazy shit, watch this all the way to the end for some crazy fixed comp ender shit. 

shiloh shambo: sunday

some new shit from shiloh... these guys are obviously on a filming mission, i wonder how the footage is coming for their THRASH flick.

quick clip: big wheel bmx

this is a shoutout to one of our readers, dan in the UK, who rides freewheel but follows some fixed shit. here's a quick bonk from his vimeo, CLICK HERE for more of dans flicks. "reppin readers"