central sessions

seems like there's a fixed comp every week these days... here's some raw footage of something called central sessions, one mike schmitt in there.... that grime team is making the rounds.


lil b doin it for team sheen LOL. had to post this shit.

rooTTs: bone deth double feature

always tune in to bone deth for the killerest shit in bmx. dont miss 1:19, tons of footplants, rad raw bmx shit as usual. one more below for bonus TTv DOUBLE FEATURE LOL SHIT.

sunday riding

more from alec aranowitz and posse, groms coming out of the wood works. looks like they're pushing their shit harder with this one. stack some footage and drop some fuckin hammers on us guys, the trick bags are definitely deep enough for it now.

evan martinez: glide cam fakie

this shits rad. just a nice long backwards ride through town. when i first got that fakie shit dialed i used to cruise around like that haha. so rad.

skate shiTT

black label is the real deal.

steven jensen: arizona edit

more mind blowing shit from jensen. this fucking guy goes hard every time. there's way too much shit to call out in this one... but the fucking pole jam bar ender is soo sick. must see TTv/fucking killing it.

swoo: shredding the winter rust

been too long since we've seen an edit from swoo. killer trick variety in this one, and that new bb17 setup looks legit. i dig how he dropped his sponsors in there. looks like he's got some fun spots to ride. swoo edits are always solid, dont miss it.

jotta: because i grind

jotta getting his grind on. grind variety, quick flick packed full of shit. jotta has rad style, psyched to see more footage from this guy.

edit 5 (on it)

this ones kinda long... but theres some good clips in here. these two got some bike handling skills. dirt jumps, backyard ramps, christmas trees on fire... theres some entertaining shit in this.


here's some shit from a buddy of mine, jon real... (check him on the drums killing it). jon sent this through/had to post it.