unknown bike v2/26er commercial

this shit looks like a fucking movie trailer or something. so clean. whats not to like about that shit. fucking cool clip. must see TTv.

big wheel bmx

here's the latest from plonka, he fucking rips. always psyched to see some new shit from him.  a quick bike check followed by some park footage. check it.

rooTTs: long peg shit

haha this shit is crazy.

meel lao: a day of testing spots

meel and posse cruising and checking some new spots. that ledge at 2:24 is fucking epic.

quick clip: cogwei

this one goes back about a year... so rad, cogwei throwing down some, classic shit. rad to see some cogwei footage. too rare man, drop more  on us...

jake&jeff march edit

some new shit from jake lanich, definitely a solid edit. jake and jeff throwing it down, definitely put some work in on this one...

quickie please

check the dirt hill back ride at 0:31... too bad he didnt pull that shit.