quick clip: geometrick

"two quick lines". heres a couple quick ones from geometrick, solid lines. i love those euro alleyways.

skate shiTT

some skate shiTT from lurk hard... check that gap at 1:07, fucking epic. looks like they reppin sheen too haha;

big wheel bmx

это изменить происходит от Иван Попов (да, vodka) ... основном парке на лошадях, немного грязи, некоторые улицы. проверить, что хлопать в 3:51!! дерьмо это сумасшествие. этот ребенок идет тяжело. очень хороший съемки и редактирования. вероятно, один из чистого большой сообщения колесо Ive положить на взрыв, проверить его.  <---- LOL translate

stoked on fixed bikes

i hadnt even looked at this thing until recently, i know im late to this shit, but im mostly into videos, so i skipped past. gave it a quick check, and this shit is pretty rad. someone should bring us a more raw approach to this concept, so sick. the pics in this are super clean... the whole thing is well executed. give it a quick flip if you havent yet, lots of fixed freestyle shit in here.

andrew voegeli

here's a quick one from andrew voegeli... its from january, skipped past it, havent been looking for shit on flickr until recently, but there hasnt been much fixed content for the last few days so im trying some new shit. voegeli footage is always good.

quick clip: nasty 360

caught this on NASTY'S BLOG... biiiig 3

jball: hd test

jball's goin "hard in the dirt" haha. he's getting some tricks dialed in this edit... we'll see whats to come of this new camera. is 0:19 a bent seatpost or a deep layback?


dons mini edit

same guy from that quick clip the other day... shredding that north hollywood park, looks rad. keep em comin.