TK blowin out shit at low low prices.

xlife team weekend

some posse up mob the streets of taiwan from xlife.

congo bike check

congo just shot these photos over to me of his current setup. so fucking sick. just laced up some new woodgrain P35's and wrapped that front one with a massive 2.1. i didnt even realize the fu fork could fit a tire that size. i dig the chrome/silver/clear pedals drive setup, and that saddle looks rad with the woodgrain wheels. he's always pushin a mean whip, this shit looks sick. huge fucking shout out to congo for sending these through.

tyler johnson's sizemore trick whip

this thing looks so sick; hand built/american made. caught over at BLOGGINGMILES. head over there for details.

skate shiTT

more colin fiske. this guy kills it... theres a million fucking cookie cutter skate flicks on youtube these days, but fiske is one of a kind.

the hisTTory channel

this shit goes waaayyyy back... im not claiming this to be the first, but this was real early fixed freestyle footage; gaps, hop up wheelies, hopping down stairs... this edit fucked me up when i first saw it, i was so psyched on this style of riding. check the hop up skids at the end 3:59... i still think thats sick today. glad we've moved past this, but its rad to look back on.

x-life scorpio

here's a closer look at that x-life scorpio frame. theres a few details i didnt catch at first look. check that top tube, some crazy shit. i dig the x cutout on the dropouts. doesnt look like theres crimps on the chainstays, i definitely dig that after bending some rear triangles. cruise over to XLIFE for more colors, more info, or click the pic below to buy one on ebay. (free shipping)


caught this over at TJ's BLOG (BLOGGING MILES)... so sick. so many creative lines and tricks in here. the last three are some serious hammers. dont miss this if you havent seen it.