dph: grindbox schmindshmox

some blades, some bikes, some box action out front the house. "lollerblades" haha. check that new frame tho, build looks clean.

skate shiTT: earthquake aftermath

this came to me by way of a reader, thanks to max taylor for sending it through. this squad makes good from a bad situation, some massive earthquake destruction turned up some fucking killer new skate spots. dont miss this shit. epic, creative, original, must see TTv.

jm throwaway

more from shilohhhhh. staying on the stack footage mission for their coming thrash flick. cant wait to see how that comes out, here's some throwaway from one of em.

rooTTs: sean burns bum crash

that footplant 3 wouldve been some fire... and how can you not LOL at the bum crash.

big wheel bmx

some street shit from leeds. this is almost a year old now, so its basically a relic, but theres some cool shit in here. not that far off from where fixed bikes is at these days.

planet hops: sunny spring day

some new planet hops shit from ks yun. high quality production, this shit looks like a movie. the planet hops edits are the shit.