j.ruff's 26" conversion

ruff just twitted this shit... SO FUCKING SICK. seriously, so fucking sick. this is the dual26 bb17 charmer build up on dual 700's. i didnt even think this thing would fit a 700 in the rear triangle, let alone with a tire that big. super clean build, i cant wait for more pics, details, and some words on how this thing rides. follow @jacob_ruff on twitter and get that inside shit firsthand. 


i know there's some OFWGKTA fans out there...

geometrick: lisboa weekend

here's a totally different take on the west fixed contest... kinda long, but worth a look, totally fresh perspective, some first hand shit. i dig this over just seeing the hammers from the competition. some killer riding in here from everyone.

big wheel bmx

some solid footage here. street and park. psyched on those white wall tires.

o.k bike check

oscars bike is fucking sick, plus this guy is always entertaining, and his bike has some crazy shit going on.

skate shiTT

nothing mind blowing, but theres some creative shit in here.

water street sessions

waterstreet sessions is one of the OG trick meet ups... looks like someone took the time to bring us some documentary that reaches outside just filming tricks. check it if ur into it, lots of talk in there, some interviews with some people you will definitely recognize.
(you win some... you lose some #blowingit)

quick clip: north hollywood skatepark

ive seen this park a few times in recent flicks, looks fucking sick, i want to get out there and cruise that fucker. this kid looks so pumped on his line haha, i love it.

torey thornton's tree collet

i hesitated to post this as i dont want to post jack people, and i have much respect for torey... maybe you've seen it elsewhere, but i caught this on twitter via following him/this shit got me psyched, never seen anything like it. rad looking, "clever" design, fucking sick stem. torey constantly innovates the fixed game, his setups are always on some next shit. cruise over to TREE and pick one of these up.

the hisTTory channel: keo

this shit blew your fucking mind if you were following fixed at the time... keo has since kind of fell off the map, i think he should get back to this shit with a more current setup and take some tech shit to the next level.

awwww shit